About Us

Established on the 15 July 2006 by Shaun Schnelle, Fusion Solutions comes from small humble beginnings, starting in a double garage and moved into its first 80m2 workshop in March 2007. In late 2007, we doubled the size of that workshop to 160m2, to accommodate the demand from our customers. 

As we evolve, we are always looking for ways to improve our service offerings and listens to our customers’ requests and requirements. In 2008, we introduced our rental fleet to reduce downtime during their equipment repair and ,if required, equipment for a special project, reducing the cost of purchasing extra equipment.

Seeing the requirement for a professional service-based repair company, Fusion Solutions has grown into larger workshops over the years and in late 2008, moved into the industrial hub of Brackenfell Industria. 

In 2009, we started to offer the service and repairs of Power Tools, from requests from our customer and now have repair agencies for most of the major power tool brands, offering accessories and spare parts.

In 2012 we moved to our current premises at 10 Pisces Crescent, in Brackenfell, our 700m2 workshop premises has a walk-in retail showroom, specialized technician repair bays, storage for our 80 + machine rental fleet and a receiving and dispatch area and have become the largest specialized equipment and machinery repairer in the Western Cape.

Our retail showroom is dedicated to offering the best in technical knowledge and strives to give the best service in town. 

Fusion Solutions offers electrical power supply installations, from new factories to upgrading of existing factories and fault finding.

We repair everything from power tools, ARC, TIG, MIG and plasma cutters, industrial machinery, also offer repairs to compressors, generators and electrical installations and repairs. 

We also offer everything you will need for your welding and engineering business needs, from welding equipment, consumables, abrasives, hand tools, power tools, machine rentals and anything else that you could need. 

We have built a good reputation with our customers. Our job approval rating is at 96% and are extremely ethical. We believe in communicating with our customers and listen to their recommendations and improvement ideas. 

Get what you deserve, service that counts. 

  • You want to be serviced by someone knowledgeable, 
  • a company that is not here just to sell you products 
  • but to help you get the best out of your equipment. 
  • to help you where you need it the most, 
  • in the workshop, 
  • on your site 
  • and where you need your supply and maintenance company to be.

  • Started July 2006
  • Rental Fleet 2007
  • Power Tool Repairs 2009
  • Moved to Current Premises 2012
  • Opened Retail Space 2014
  • Partnered with an importer Oracle Welding 2017
  • Partnered and became a distributor of JASIC Welding Equipment
  • Official Industrial Gas Distributor for Air Products 2020